For children, for justice, for freedom


The Barbara Jordan Freedom Foundation works to further the ideals, principles, and vision that Barbara Jordan exemplified during her life and career by identifying injustices, speaking truth to power, and empowering communities to address these injustices.


America has abolished past injustices such as slavery, segregation and voter restrictions. In keeping with this tradition, the Barbara Jordan Freedom Foundation seeks to end current injustices by leading campaigns for change.

Change may occur through many means, including community projects that address a specific injustice, media coverage that arouses public action, proposals for new and enlightened public policies, and collaboration with related organizations working on the same issues.

The goal is a national community that ensures freedom for all Americans.


The Barbara Jordan Freedom Foundation embodies the qualities of its namesake:
Courage. Standing up for what is right, without shrinking from controversy.
Autonomy. Steering an independent course, without regard to political party affiliation or ideology.
Ethics. Acting in accordance with the law and the highest moral principles.
Reason. Basing discussion and decisions on rational thinking, free of bias, stereotypes, and rashness.
Compassion. Caring deeply about the problems and suffering of others.
Accountability. Accepting responsibility for ourselves as individuals and for the common good.
Leadership. Providing a vision of the future.